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    YEESSSS! It’s starts off all nice and then BAM! He went in on Karina…No more sippin on that cheap shit. Smear off that...
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    Listen to “Brother” by Val. His YouTube is the same as his twitter. He pretty much sums it up.
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    I’m curious!!
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    From what I heard was that she lied to him about being pregnant then told him she didn’t want kids holding her down and...
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    I also think I heard something about Karina cheating on Maks.
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    Wow… Then it was probably something horrible for them not to speak for 4 years ­čśČ
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    No I don’t think Maks cheated on her. He was so absolutely angry with her and said he would never ever speak to her...
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    It’s called Aaron Carter and an unfaithful girlfriend with no self-control. She doesn’t deserve him and never will ever...
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